Constitutional Awareness Pact

 Informing "We the People"

Starting 2020 With a Bang!


   The Constitutional Awareness Pact Executive started work in 2020 recently with a trip to Augusta along with Rep. Nate Wadsworth. They attended the Legislative Session, visited the State archives (Getting the chance to view the original Maine State Constitution), and listened to the Governor's State of the State Address. We are currently making plans for 2020 so stay tuned!

The Constitutional Awareness Pact is a group of people who are committed to helping their fellow citizens learn about their nation's founding documents. The fact is that many American citizens do not really know much about their Constitution.  We want to help you with knowing more about your Constitution through study, preservation, and protection. Please take a moment to ask yourself,  "How much have I read the Constitution?", "How much do I know about our government?", and, "What will I do to preserve this great nation for generations to come?"  These are all questions we must ask ourselves. Please consider standing with us as  we stand together as "We the People!"

Constitutional Quote of the Week

"A sacred respect for the constitutional law is the vital principle, the sustaining energy of a free government."

Alexander Hamilton

Founding Father
American Officer During the Revolutionary War
Signer of the U.S. Constitution
Co-Author of the Federalist Papers
Secretary of the Treasury Under President Washington

Constitutional Awareness Pact Leadership

Keeping CAP moving!

Isaac Hadam

Vice President
Isaac Hadam is the Vice President of the Constitutional Awareness Pact. He is a passionate American and Constitutionalist who wants to see this country turn back to God and the Constitution. He has written articles for the Conway Daily Sun, is a Contributing Writer to the Weirs Times, Richardson Magazine, and is a frequent guest on "The Advocates" radio program.

Caleb Ness

Caleb Ness is the President of the Pact. He is a proud American and Constitutionalist, who's love for both those things is very evident. Whether it be getting the word out, getting members to join, or just making sure that all goes smoothly; he has put a great amount of time and energy get the Pact going, and has done a fantastic job doing whatever needs to be done.

Erlon Jones

Chief Adviser
Erlon Jones has been an instrumental part in the starting and smooth operation of the Pact. From March 2016, to October of 2018, he filled the roll of Press Secretary. Since that time, CAP has appointed him as Chief Adviser so that his title better represents his actions and influence. His support of the Constitution and the Pact is unmatchable! 

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